You can specify a default assignee for a JIRA ticket by adding the following to your .nullify.yml file:

    project_key: EXAMPLE
    [other options]
      id: 123456
      name: John Smith

The name is the display name of the assignee. The id is the user ID of the assignee.

The assignee field is optional. If you do not specify an assignee, or the assignee details provided are invalid, the ticket will still be created but it will be not be assigned to anybody.

You must specify at least one of id or name.

If both id and name are specified, the assignee will be set to the user with the specified id. If the id is set, then the name is ignored completely. However, you may still choose to include the name if you want to as it might assist your team in identifying the user (it is more readable).

If multiple users have the same name, it will assign the ticket to the first user it finds matching that name. You can specify the id of the user to be more specific.

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