What is Nullify?

Nullify is your autonomous AI agent that continuously finds, fixes and prioritizes security issues across your codebase from commit to merge.

Nullify operates as a GitHub App that integrates directly into your existing version control workflows, allowing detection and remediation to occur as quickly as possible in the code review process.

Empower your engineering team to proactively identify and address security vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle, without leaving your codebase.

Nullify Code

Also known as Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Infrastructure Application Security Testing (IAST).

Nullify Code automatically detects security weaknesses and possible exploit vectors in your application code, on every commit using best-in-class open source security testing tools.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Stay informed about known vulnerabilities present in third-party libraries and dependencies. Upgrade to the most secure packages when new vulnerabilities are announced.

Secrets Scanning

Nullify not only detects common credential types such as secrets and API keys, but also performs OCR and NLP-based analysis to search for Government ID, addresses, emails and other PII in files.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Nullify performs payload-based dynamic testing on your live API endpoints, allowing you to detect and fix vulnerabilities in your APIs before pushing to production.

How does Nullify work?

Nullify works where developers work, in the codebase.

Unlike traditional tools that overwhelm developers with excessive alerts and findings, Nullify takes a different approach to ensure developers can focus on what truly matters.

Nullify analyzes code in context, taking into account the specific programming languages, frameworks, and libraries used in your projects. By analyzing the structure of your code, Nullify filters out noise and presents developers with only the vulnerabilities that are relevant and actionable, improving code quality and reducing the overall time-to-resolution.

Our context-aware approach goes beyond simple rule-based scanning and allows Nullify to provide developers with meaningful feedback, pinpointing the critical areas that need attention while minimizing distractions from false positives.

Why Nullify?

We understand the pain-points experienced by using traditional security tools — too much noise, lack of insights, slow feedback cycles, inconsistent settings across the codebase and developers simply not loving the product.

Developers should be empowered to own application security objectives. To enable this we provide sensible security defaults, continual feedback throughout the coding process and insights published directly within your version control system.

Seamless Integration

Nullify seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, ensuring security checks are performed on changes within code submissions, branches, and merges. This integration allows for continuous security monitoring and reduces the burden on both security and development teams.

Remediation Suggestions (in beta)

Nullify leverages OpenAI to provide developers with contextual and actionable security feedback directly within their version control environment. Recommended in-line fixes and best practices help engineers write secure code from the start, without compromising developer experience.

Risk Prioritization

Prioritize and fix only the vulnerabilities that need fixing. Nullify employs an intelligent risk prioritization mechanism, categorizing security issues based on severity and exploitability. This ensures that your team focuses on addressing the most critical vulnerabilities promptly.

Organization-Wide Metrics

Ship metrics and insights to measure adoption and coverage with our webhook event stream. Subscribe to our endpoint via your dashboard platform of choice and gain visibility into your application security posture at any given point in time.


We welcome questions, suggestions, and contributions from the community.

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